ArtNickNick Studio Coming Soon… Workshops, resources,advice and projects for you to tackle!

What I am able to offer is practical advice, tips and guidance about improving your skills and maximising your working space, even if it is small. My studio is the family living space, and I have ‘built’ a mobile working method, which enables me to tackle work of a medium scale on a variety of surfaces, using materials which are readily available.

In my current work I use acrylic paint, watercolour, inks, collage media, printmaking as well as using dry media. I reuse, upcycle and recycle a range of materials in my art work and I have encouraged students to develop the same ‘magpie’ approach throughout my career. Art can be made from anything and can be made anywhere, you just need the encouragement and courage to start!

My workshops, video demonstrations and projects are designed to help you get started.

Sketchbook Skills – drawing skills, exploring media and using a sketchbook to develop ideas, designs and skills.

Project sheets, cheats and ‘real time’ advice. Watch out for updates on ArtNickNick.Studio and on my Instagram!

Collage. Create form and structure in mixed media painting.

Project sheets, easy cheats with prepared collage packs. Watch out for updates on ArtNickNick Studio and on my Instagram!

Simple Printmaking using recycled materials and equipment.

Guide to inexpensive equipment, guidance on upcycling scrap materials, simple methods suitable for your small workspace.

Watch out for updates on ArtNickNick Studio and on my Instagram!

Managing your work space when working in a small place.

Working in a domestic or limited space can have a negative impact on your ability to make art. I am ready to give helpful advice and suggest ways of maximising your work area, without impacting negatively on your life!

Email me for further details of the help that can be offered. Watch out for updates on ArtNickNick Studio and on my Instagram!

A limited workspace doesn’t have to limit your ambition.

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